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Jenkins Neo2 Theme

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DEPRECATED: This theme isn’t updated anymore. With Jenkins 2.333 (or LTS 2.346.1), Jenkins has gotten a new set of icons, which are fine for me, so I won’t maintain this theme anymore.

Beautify your Jenkins with the a modern flat theme!


This started as a fork to jenkins-neo-theme, which itself started as a fork to the jenkins-material-theme, but was developed further to work correctly with modern versions of Jenkins.



Start page Job page


If you want to keep using an older release, replace /dist/ in all URLs with an older version, for example /v0.2.0/.

Using this GitHub page

  1. Install Jenkins Simple Theme Plugin

  2. Click Manage Jenkins

  3. Click Configure System and scroll down to Theme

  4. Specify the URL for

  5. Click Save

Using your Jenkins Hosting

  1. Copy the file to the directory userContent in your JENKINS_HOME

  2. Follow the steps of the previous method and use /userContent/neo-light.css as the URL.


CSS file are minified and compressed with Grunt. If you have Node & yarn installed, you can build everything with:

yarn test

This will generate the following file:


If you are experiencing issues please let me know! Also, feel free to contribute!


MIT License

Thanks to